Show Preview Episode 66 – The Wrath of Wayne

Oct 27, 2009 by

Hey y’all,

Yeah, Jordan’s thrown down and called me Khan from Star Trek Two now, and all I can say is, “thank goodness he’s finally recognized my superior intellect”.  Now for you non-Star Trekkies…

Show this week’s got LOADS!  So much I’ve barely been able to get away to promote it.  Lemme give you a quick rundown.

  1. Interview with Brett Leboff – CEO of Monumental Music Group – including stuff about his single releases this week, the music biz, etc…
  2. My first Track of the Week as I finally get on the Recharged Radio bandwagon with my own TOTW – it’s “Honesty Policy” from a new band to the show, Zalinski.  I knew my first TOTW was going to have to be good and this one certainly is.
  3. A video feature (on radio?) along with the great song that’s behind it (Oooooh.)  Vitriol, by Bluejuice.
  4. And David’s just done a review of Ever the Optimist by Lights Out Dancing so we’ll spin another from there.

Lots more too!  There’s two hours to fill, come join us tomorrow on the Justin Wayne Show website or over at Recharged  See you then.