Show Preview: Cliches, EPs and Bikinis

Nov 2, 2009 by

No, I didn’t go on holiday to Hawaii.  Should do, though!

Phil from the Modern Cliches joins us this week to enlighten us on how a band wins an Oxford Battle of the Bands and then somehow ends up in Camden on a balcony doing a internet TV program.  We also spin the new single, Your Lucky Numbers.

PersonalisedBlackBikiniAs a special treat and in response to getting their track played at Track of the Week (on the JW Show) Zalinski have sent us the new tracks off their upcoming EP.  We’ll spin one of those and enlighten you on when and where you can learn more and get this rockin’ EP.

We’ll also be highlighting the latest David Couch review as he’s just done the album Replace, Rewire by Wellness out of New York.

Our second Track of the Week here at The Justin Wayne Show is a special one as it was handed to be at the Trenton and Free Radical single launch (which was off the hook, btw) by Phil of Futureproof Records: “Nightmare” by Black Bikini Alpha.  Definitely something to look forward to.

I might also go on about the weekly shop, how Jordan can’t REALLY grow a beard, and all that other kind of silly stuff that happens LIVE again this week 8pm GMT (because the US and the UK are back to proper time… I did enjoy that nice lie in last Sunday.)

Ta for now, see you Wednesday (or sometime Thursday for the podcast.)