Scudley Sessions 5: Siobny

May 12, 2010 by


This is the fifth episode of the ‘Scudley Sessions’ hosted by Peter Renzullo.  This show is dedicated to bringing you the grass roots music of Perth, Western Australia – the most isolated city in the world.

Local Perth artist Siobny comes in for a chat about her music and to perform 4 songs:

1. Questions
2. Red Riding Hood
3. Breathe you in
4. Thank you

Siobny has been singing since she could talk, writing her first song at eight. She left OZ at 19 and traveled Europe gaining inspiration for her songs which lead to recording an album of material in London.  While she was in London she hosted open mic nights and continued her writing and singing and performing in various venues.  She is now back living in Perth and concentrating on writing material to complete her album.

You can get more info on Siobny at:

And pop over to Scudley Records dot com for more music and more information about all the things we’re doing in the recording studio.


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