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Dec 12, 2009 by


Album: Ulysses

Artist: Goh Nakamura

Release Date: August 2009

Goh Nakamura is a San Fransisco Bay area musician and while he may not have flowers in his hair or whatever else those hippies adorn themselves with there is something of a peace and love vibe about his music. Self-labeled “dreampop”, Ulysses is an album that should be reserved for a specific time, like champagne at New Years.

As soon as Goh Nakamura starts to play I immediately began to make comparisons; a modern day Simon and Garfunkel all wrapped in one and accompanied by an single acoustic guitar. Poetry mixed with an up-beat melodic tune that has a kind of 70’s/Elvis Costello nostalgia about it. It’s no James Joyce but there is a quality to the music that makes it stand out from the crowd.

At first I thought it would be a kind of background music that easily blend into your daily grind without too much intrusion and while I doubt it will make anyone’s party playlist, it’s an album that definitely deserves more than indifference. You could sit down and appreciate Ulysses like a fine wine or maybe a nice cheese.

Goh Nakamura has a timeless sound, you know the kind of music that doesn’t really get old, just waits in the background until your ready to listen to it again; like a time capsule of sound. But just because it doesn’t get old doesn’t mean they just rely on a middle of the road tactic that ‘if we don’t offend anyone than everyone will like you’ and while Ulysses could never be considered offensive; some of the songs break from tradition and mix it up with some alternative rhythms that give the album a bit more depth. Most notably tracks “Telemachus” and “Where Did They Go” these songs push the boat out and give the album a more three dimensional feel.

Goh Nakamura

Goh Nakamura

A spectre that embodies the 60’s ethos of peace, love and good vibrations. It is all these things and something else, something no doubt that Goh Nakamura has added; his own special ingredient.

A harmony that deserves your attention, but with its unassuming nature it sits quietly in the record collection. Like a reserved blue collar worker secretly cuddling his automatic weapon while he sleeps… waiting for revenge… but enough about me. If you want to find the brilliance behind Goh Nakamura your going to have to sit down and be seduced – gently and pleasantly.


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