Recharged and a Surface Unsigned: Postmortem

Sep 30, 2009 by

Hey y’all

As you may or may not be aware, (you are now!) tonight is the beginning of a new era of the Justin Wayne Show as we’ll be streaming for our first time up on the illustrious Recharged Radio (  Do come over and visit as we’ve got more tunes from the Surface Unsigned National Showcase including the announcement of the winner (if you’re not already in the know) as well loads of other great tracks including one of my favs from Sierra Alpha, who were third place in the Surface Unsigned National Showcase last year.

This is to say to the bands that didn’t get through: don’t quit.  These competitions are decided on the day, and your careers will be decided over the span of LOTS longer than that.  Stick with it, make friends, grow your community and you’ll be bigger than the winners of any competition.  There were bands at this show with better music but less fans which seemed to be the deal breaker.  This is a lesson to be learned – your community is the most important thing to your band.  Even if you have absolutely GREAT songs, it’s not going to mean much if there’s no one turning up at your gigs – especially if you can’t get your core audience out to a National Showcase that you’re worked so hard to get to.

Ok, down off the soapbox.  I won’t go on like that tonight too much, I promise.

You’ll also see a “Listen Now” button on the site this afternoon so if you click on that during the 8pm – 10pm GMT time you’ll be listening to the stream.  Enjoy!  Comments to the chatroom or email me at

(Yes, still works, it all goes to the same place.  Just like your Mom used to say when your gravy got mixed in with your peas on your plate.)

See you tonight!



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