Playdaze by Bordeauxxx – Free Music Feature MP3

Jan 1, 2016 by

“Playdaze” by Bordeuxxx is their recently released digital album that they are giving away for a price of your choice! Obviously we do encourage you to pay something for this selection of songs but we appreciate the band leaving it in our hands to decide what they deserve for their hard work.

Bordeauxxx are: Amy Bache – Bass and Vocals, Charlie Clement – Guitar and Vocals, Jon Fairey – Drums, Percussion, and Vocals, Joss Holden-Rea – Guitar and Vocals, Martin Lilley – Keyboard and Vocals. All songs were produced by Joe Rubel. They recorded ‘Daydreamer’ at Urchin Studios, London, with the help of Jack Sugden. Drums and Bass for ‘Summer Glow’, ‘Carlton Hill’, and ‘Blush’ were recorded at Ford Lane Studios, West Sussex, by Oli Slack. Guitars recorded by Joe Rubel at Pixel, Tileyard Studios, London, and they did the vocals in Martin’s bedroom wardrobe, East London.