Piece of Mind by Elektric – Free Music Feature MP3

Dec 12, 2014 by

‘Piece of Mind’ by Elektric is this weeks free feature. This is a track from her ‘Sorry I’m Late’ EP, which is actually all available for free just over on her Soundcloud page. We’ve had her music on the live show, in our Top 10 and even as a former free feature, but I can’t emphasis enough how interesting the material she’s putting out there. Here’s to someone doing something different, rapping with important things to say and being a role model for many young girls, trying to figure things out.

A unique sound in a scene full of MCs or singer Elektric’s music is refreshing and original and represents and champions the underground vibe of the Midland’s cool kid scene. Taking influences from all genres of music from reggae, soul and hip hop, to pop rock, indie and most importantly her life, Elektric uses her Music to express what it’s like to be a young, gay, female artist in 21st century Britain.