The One Takes Volume 1 is OUT

Nov 19, 2014 by

That’s right, our first EP full of exclusive recordings from a few of our favorite artists is now available. You can buy it and help support our growth into Maven.FM, the independent music internet radio station we’ve been dreaming and scheming about for the last two years.

When you buy this album or one of the singles, you’re helping us directly fund Maven.FM. And you’re getting some excellent tunes which you can wow your friends with, as they won’t have them yet. You’re such a tastemaker, aren’t you?

A big thanks to Laura Marie, Van Susans, Roaming Herds of Buffalo and Pepper and Shepherd for believing in our new radio station so much they donated these recordings exclusively for us to use. They’re pretty great. We also have to thank Beatnik Geek Records for putting the EP out for us and Rob Fraboni for mastering the recordings.

Here’s the press release if you want to alert the media for us!

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MAVEN.FM alpha launches with The One Takes EP

Musicians donate exclusive recordings to raise money for internet radio station


“I love supporting supporters of independent music,” Independent Music Award winner Laura Marie told her fans via social media on the day the The One Takes, Volume 1 was released. Marie, along with Seattle’s Roaming Herds of Buffalo, England’s Pepper and Shepherd, and London’s Van Susans appear on the album.

Big M White Backed

Maven FM – Handcrafted Independent Radio

The One Takes, Volume 1 contains four exclusive recordings from artists around the world. Maven.FM is selling the digital EP to raise money to continue developing the new radio station. The Justin Wayne Show, a long-standing radio staple of the emerging music community, has begun expanding into an independent music internet radio station. Offering “handcrafted independent music,” the station launched this fundraising program with the donated recordings.

The process of each of these recordings was unique. Not unlike an in-studio radio session, each artist sat down and recorded into one or two microphones and sent Maven.FM the raw recordings. Rob Fraboni, legendary producer/engineer jumped on board, donated his time and mixed and mastered the recordings using his RealFeel™ technology. London’s Beatnik Geek Records released the album and it’s now available on the radio station’s Bandcamp page at

The result is an exclusive set of recordings from musicians who believe in the new radio station which will be filled completely with independent, emerging artists and all of the radio shows will be handcrafted and hand-picked by the radio DJs themselves, just as The Justin Wayne Show has been for nearly 7 years. The station is currently in the alpha phase and features The Justin Wayne Show every Monday at 12pm PST on the website at

The Justin Wayne Show started as an independent music podcast in 2007 in London, UK but relocated to Walla Walla, WA last year. The show features new independent music and interviews. They have played over 1000 independent artists on the show, which airs each Monday at 12pm PST on and

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