The Agenda: Now At Midnight, All The Agents and Super-human crew Go Out and Round Up Everyone Who Knows More Than They Do

Feb 22, 2010 by

David Couch

As if you haven’t guessed i’m not the only one excited about the new My Chemical Romance album, but now that i’ve got that off my chest…

It’s time to get down to the more underground/independent news that we here at The Justin Wayne Show pride ourselves on reporting.  It’s gonna be a busy couple of weeks with reviews and free music flying all the over the shop, but don’t worry we’ll be gentle.

A new feature coming soon on the website is the Free Music Feature allowing you to download featured free tracks by our favorite artists!   “How can it get any better,” you ask?  Well i’m not sure it can; it’s all downhill from here generally speaking.  The website will be your only source of pleasure/fulfillment/music comedy and news, so you may as well subscribe now and save yourself the energy.

I’ve just posted the Giant Wow – Hey Girl EP review, a pretty little EP you guys should like, the next installment will be a review of Junbug’s album Share I’m looking forward to doing, so keep your ears to the streets for that one.

Ummm, that’s it I think…for now. But like herpes, i’ll be back