“No Sheer Force of Will” by Smokey Brights – Free Music Feature MP3

Jan 2, 2015 by

“No Sheer Force of Will” by Smokey Brights is the perfect free music feature to welcome you into the New Year. Smokey Brights were our favourite track of the week a few weeks back, so we are delighted to see that they are offering some of their tunes away for free! Justin has also done an interview with Ryan Devlin from the band so if you like this and you’d like to hear more simply click here.

Long Description of the music style is as follows: Warm, vintage, pop savvy, yet slightly wry rock music. The kind that streams from the boombox all day at your uncle’s barbecue, or crackles through the AM radio on an all night drive through some expansive American highway. Debut album, Taste For Blood, available on Bandcamp and iTunes.