My Kingdom for a Coffee Pot!

Oct 14, 2007 by

Omigosh! After a month drinking coffee out of a french press I’m ready to have a friggin’ huge twelve-cup coffee pot again. Just think after one-and-a-half cups of coffee you have to…

1. Go to the sink
2. Pour water into a pot (cause Karol killed our kettle)
3. Ignite the burner on the gas stove
4. Spend the next 10 minutes waiting for the water to boil
5. Clean out the french press (the old coffee grounds)
6. Put new coffee grounds into the french press
7. Yawn
8. Water boils, remove from heat and pour into the french press
9. Wait again. AGAIN! *sigh*
10. Press the french press’ screen down so you don’t drink coffee grounds
11. Pour yourself another cup of coffee

Dood, that’s like eleven steps! My life is so hard. *double sigh*

Apparently today was “Pretend-like-we’re-still-in-the-states-Day”.

After I pissed and moaned about having to wait forever for a third cup of coffee (how much coffee DO you need in one day, Justin… SHUT UP!!) we sat around for awhile doing homework (I looked for jobs, that’s my perma-homework) (gosh, these parentheses are getting annoying)…

Ok, that paragraph was attacked by the parentheses virus. It was tragic, but we’re moving on.

We did do some more American things, we went to the Sports Cafe downtown London and joined every other American in London watching Football. Not European Football… No… American Football.

We really wanted to see the Vikings vs. Bears – Jamie is a Bears fan and I (through no fault of my own) am still a Vikings fan. It’s something we’ll definitely repeat, but the food was mediocre, the service was too… and no Bears/Vikings game either.

The licensing must be weird over here because they did have some bastard form of ESPN, but it wasn’t on the big screens. We ended up sitting at a table that had a server, and watched the Tennessee/Tampa game. A decent game, low scoring… Jamie was glad to see that a team other than the Bears was having quarterback problems. That team being the Tennessee Titans. Wow, were they bad. Too bad Tampa couldn’t convert on any good scoring drives either.

So the food… we were both pretty excited about having a burger and fries but what we got wasn’t too exciting. To sit in the area we were in, we had to order “a main course” and so we both got burgers… the fries were overcooked and no salt (wtf?) and the burgers were… not greasy enough, I suppose. The servers kept forgetting we existed and we were both thinking how giving servers bigger tips in America made them move a lot faster and serve you so much better. But that’s just us.

Anyway, thanks to everyone with your comments this week on the radiators. I’ve since discovered – to echo what Chrissy pointed out on the comments – that radiators heat much faster than forced air but – as Brian told me – are either on and hot, or off and cold.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support. I forgot about preparing another radio show episode. I’ll have that this week soon, so keep yourself updated.

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Or you can just keep checking in, old school. Word.

Oh yeah, the Vikings won, by the way, even though we didn’t get to see it. I’ll be rubbing it in with Jamie this evening.



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