More Classic Chronicles… with Jamie!

Nov 18, 2007 by


I come bearing gifts! Jamie sat in on a whole two-hour recording session, produced and was on-air with me on this Classic Chronicles edition that I’ve just posted. You’ll have to post or email your comments about it to me

Oh, and I’d better post my cool new imaging that the station made for me in honor of my regular slot on Saturday and Sundays! That’ll be below all 4 parts of our show in the sidebar.

You can listen to them in this browser window but if you want to be cooler than your cubicle-mates… right-click (control-click for you Mac users without a second button) on the link and use “open in new window”. Now, if you want to take both Jamie and I with you on your journeys around town on your iPod or other compatible mp3 player you can right-click and “save target as…” and you can save it to your computer. Then you’ll be the talk of your cubicle-block!

I’ve also removed the other shows to alleviate some confusion, but if you would like copies I’d be happy to email them onto you. Just email me at and I’ll be more than happy to do that.

Well, keep your fingers crossed for me. They’re having a meeting about hiring me on at Hub Media, and I’ve got an interview scheduled for the following Monday at a neighboring school as a Theatre Technician. Wouldn’t me running around in charge of children be scary? For me or them?

I’ve also just updated the blog on Friday, so there’s a great big story just below this about a crustation. It’s a doozy.

Well, that’s all for now. Download Jamie and I and take us along on your commutes!

We appreciate all the love and support. I’m thinking about telling some old stories soon… possibly about Hometime? Keep your fingers crossed.



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