Married in London…?

Sep 7, 2008 by

How did this happen?

Three weeks ago I was a single dood living in my parents’ basement (not to mention the room I was living in during my high school years) and now I’m married, living in a flat in London with my new bride and about to start a real job. How do these things happen?

Many pictures are up in the Facebook realm if you’re familiar with that venue, otherwise I’ll be posting a few here as they come back. It truly was a fabulous time, everyone had fun, and Jamie said “I do” which I thought was the most important part of the day!

Now that we’re not trying to do too many things at once you’ll notice that the show and the blog will be updated more regularly. Like, once a week, even!

And now that I’m back here maybe I can convince Jamie to get back into doing “Jamie’s Journal”!

Thanks for all your love and support throughout all this time. Jamie and I are so happy to be here in London without so many worries! Perhaps we’ll even settle down for awhile before we turn our lives upside-down again.



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  1. ChrissyJ

    Email me with your Flickr page/ID, so I can add you as a contact!