All About Falling in Love by The MonaLisa Twins – Free Music Feature MP3

Feb 14, 2014 by

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! This weeks free feature obviously had to be something to do with love, but I’ve chosen a quirky track to mark this day. ‘All About Falling in Love’ by The MonaLisa Twins is an interesting song that I found hiding in our archives.

The MonaLisa Twins comment: “We can be on our own for some time but we can’t live without love for too long. Technical progress and modern times’ possibilities helped to make our lives more convenient and ourselves more independent from others. But what is the difference that makes us really happy? While this song doesn’t give an exact answer it might let you feel better after listening to it.”

The core of the band are two 19 year old girls, actual twins named Mona and Lisa. Originally from Austria, they travelled extensively, performing in the USA, Australia and UK in their teens. They started out with cover songs on YouTube and released two CDs with covers in 2007 and 2008. At 16 they decided to go for a professional music career and began to record their debut album, released in 2012. Mona and Lisa are dedicated to work on releasing more music videos and writing new songs.

Album “When We’re Together” available now!