Love is Infinite by Nakisha Esnard – Free Music Feature MP3

May 1, 2015 by

‘Love is Infinite’ by Nakisha Esnard is our free music feature this Friday. I had the pleasure of meeting Nakisha at last nights Discovery 2 and I can sincerely those who weren’t there, you missed out! Such an interesting, entertaining and over all talented lady. She’s got a few samples of her style available for free so do check her out, and make sure you stop by her opera reggae Spice Girls cover.

Nakisha Esnard is a Musician Poet from Bedfordshire. She has a mixed genre style of Reagge/Soul in her sound. Nakisha has been touring now over the last 2 years, playing shows all over the UK. She has also recently ventured out into theatre, performing and writing for Cabaret shows. She plays a variety of instruments, but her current instrument of choice is the Ukulele. Her ability to freestyle and interact with her audiences are a big part of why Nakisha’s shows are unique.