Love Ain’t Easy by Bella Farinas – Free Music Feature MP3

Jun 19, 2015 by

“Love Ain’t Easy” by Bella Farina is our free music feature of this week! Every song of hers is such lovely listening. Put this on on a Sunday morning and relax into Bella’s lush voice. (Save “Runaway” for when you are feeling more punchy though).

Seattle singer/songwriter Bella Farinas is an eighteen year-old self taught musician. Growing up, she admired her two older sisters who were dancers and singers. At a very young age, Bella was inspired to pursue music on her own. Throughout the past two years, Bella has performed all around the Seattle area. She has been mentored by  Ann & Nancy Wilson (The Band Heart), as well as Michael Shrieve through STG. Bella has worked with Grammy award winning producer Harvey Mason JR, Kenton Duty (Disney) and many more. Bella’s new EP is now on iTunes!