Live Session: Modern Sons

Mar 22, 2016 by

The fellas from Modern Sons stopped by the studio recently and we had a great time together. They told us about where they’re headed – one place, namely, Austin Texas for the South by Southwest festival. I also asked them about their crazy sounds they make both on their records and on stage, and we got into some technical talk about their favorite pedals and the core of their sound and where it comes from.

I also convinced them to let me bring my recording array into their small rehearsal space in Bozeman, Montana and get a few takes of the songs they’re working on right now. The recordings turned out pretty darn well, and you’ll hear a few songs. You’ll hear one song off their current album, Moon Racoon and one that’s just come out on their latest EP, More or Less.


Modern Sons in front of the fireplace at Blunderbuss (where our studio is in Bozeman.) That’s me second from the right, too.