Live Session: David Goo

Oct 20, 2011 by

David Goo came up to the flat and gave us a good dose of his new album, “World Domination” by playing a few live tracks for us and spinning some tracks off the album.  I pried into his personal life, the reasoning behind a few of his songs, and a look into what it takes to form a DGVB tune from idea to the stage.


David Goo


An amazingly interesting man, Dave is also very humble and self-analytical – quite possibly the biggest critic of their music.  It shows in their extreme attention to detail and the fun they have once the tunes are crafted and ready.  Also it may explain why their album took so many years to record.

Make sure you pop over to the David Good Variety Band’s website and order your copy of “World Domination”.

Thanks for listening!