Live Gig: Discovery 2 with The Talks, Leano, The Carnabys and Jade Hopcroft

Feb 26, 2013 by

Another great night of live music in west London brought to you by Discovery 2. You’ll hear full live sets and interviews with all four of our performers including Hull, Ska, Punk band The Talks, acoustic rappers The Leano, Emergenza UK Final winners The Carnabys with their delicious blend of soul, rock and funk, and Discovery 2 veteran Jade Hopcroft.


Find out more about Discovery 2 on their main website or their Facebook page.



  1. jessica Allan

    Saw the Carnabys play recently… we had heard a bit of a buzz but it turned out the “band” don’t even write their own songs and enter lots of Music contests but play unfairly as they have the backing to pay for writers to work with them… although worryingly, the band were still extremely weak, weak vocals and although the band were tight… the music was dull and they sold out Bush Hall I have no idea… must have been the very expensive ads in the metro… no this aint rock n roll

  2. Interesting information Jessica. I’ll get in touch with the Carnabys and see what they have to say. Would you be interested in coming on the show and discussing this with me?

  3. We’ll be talking about this on Monday’s show, and possibly into the future. Thanks for stirring this up Jessica. The Carnabys have provided us some information about how they operate and we would love to have your side of the story as well. We’ve tried to get in touch but the email you provided failed to accept an email from me. Please get in touch jw (at)

  4. Nick Gittins

    Jessica is entitled to her artistic opinion, but her comments regarding The Carnabys are inaccurate. The Carnabys write ALL their own material. They do NOT have lots of money, but are a group of 18/19 year olds who work hard and are passionate about their music. They sold out Bush Hall without expensive ads. Jessica, please check your facts in future before undermining The Carnabys or any other band trying to get on in this world. Thanks.