Live Gig: Discovery 2 October with Billy Vincent, October Sky, Theo Altieri, and Zodiac N Black – Full Sets and Interviews

Nov 9, 2011 by

An absolute stonker of a gig – Discovery 2 – went down at the AAA in Kensington in October, and we’re pleased to bring you the full live sets and interviews from the evening in this special podcast.  Thanks to the artists who played: Zodiac N Black, October Sky, Billy Vincent, and Theo Altieri as well as the venue, all of the Herts Uni folk and the extremely receptive audience who attended.


October Sky on stage at Discovery 2


It’s the full two-hour show with interviews and the audio quality is quite good!  Do let us know in the comments below what you think of this.  Should we post the whole thing again or shall we just do a few songs from each band?

It’s also worth mentioning that this gig is a monthly occurrence, with next month’s lineup looking as promising as the last.

See you there!





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