Live Gig: Discovery 2 with Toodar, Asya, Wolfette and Laura Jenkins

Dec 1, 2011 by

Discovery 2 LIVE in November welcomed Toodar, Asya, Laura Jenkins and Wolfette to the AAA in Kensington.  The podcast has all four of their live sets captured on the night as well as interviews with each of the artists.


You can also check out last month’s full live recording of the show.  It was a good one, indeed.

Get tickets and come along to the next one, 26th January at the AAA in Kensington.  And make sure you visit Discovery 2 on Facebook where you’ll find information about each of the upcoming shows, artists, and all sorts of pictures, video and other great stuff from past nights.  Check out some of the photos from the night, all taken my Michicolor, brilliant photos indeed.


Laura Jenkins - photo by Michicolor


Asya - photo by Michicolor



Toodar - photo credit Michicolor


Wolfette - photo credit Michicolor


See you next time!