List: Top 10 Songs of 2014

Mar 4, 2015 by

As we announced on our Birthday Best Awards show, here are the Top 10 Songs of 2014, as voted on by Claire, you and myself. We all got 1/3 of the vote. We congratulate Tom Rosenthal for winning this year’s Birthday Best with “Luis, Don’t Bite Me” as he gives us a good message in our daily lives – don’t take your crazy out on someone else (‘s shoulder with your teeth.)

If you would like to hear the awards show, pop over there now and check it out!


For your viewing pleasure, the side of Tom Rosenthal’s head. We’re assuming this is his good side.

The Top 10 Songs played on The Justin Wayne Show in 2014

1 Hey Luis Don’t Bite Me Singles 2014 Tom Rosenthal
2 Here’s To My Old Friends Rise Up The Sun EP Dancing Years
3 Swoon Roulette Emily Wolfe
4 Dancing With Death Trying to Make Sense Jazz Morley
5 When You Want Me The Art of Loving Jingo
6 If I Succeed Paused In The Moment Van Susans
7 I Am Falling Faster Than You Can Run Nathaniel Rateliff
8 You’ve Got it All Wrong Taste for Blood Smokey Brights
9 Sons And Daughters (Feat. Liz Lawrence) Sons And Daugthers Allman Brown
10 Waltz With Me  Waltz with Me (single) Something Someone