List: Top 10 Artists of 2014

Mar 4, 2015 by

Following our Birthday Best Awards Show, we’re proud to present to you our top 10 artists of 2014 who were played on the Show last year. We feel it’s a quite accomplished group of musicians and we highly recommend you checking out each one. Our congratulations to Smokey Brights for winning this year’s top award, but all 10 are top of the shelf in our book!

Check out the show’s Birthday Best Awards and hear all of these artists and more!


All five of Seattle’s Smokey Brights as they pose awkwardly in front of a high-school play curtain

The Justin Wayne Show’s Top 10 Artists featured on the show in 2014

1 Smokey Brights
2 Kye Alfred Hillig
3 Tom Rosenthal
4 Jazz Morley
5 Van Susans
6 Jingo
7 Planes On Paper
8 Dancing Years
9 Nathaniel Rateliff
10 Emily Wolfe