Leaving Here by Scott Barkan – Free Music Feature MP3

Feb 28, 2014 by

‘Leaving Here’ by Scott Barkan is this weeks free feature, so grab it whilst you can as it’s a beauty on the ears. This track really stood out to me whilst I was searching through Soundclouds ever endless array of music. Scotts voice is lovely the way this track builds makes you feel it necessary to sing along. Well, I hope it does as I’ve been doing just that for days now. Enjoy!

​​Scott Barkan is a guitarist, singer and ​songwriter based in New York’s Hudson Valley. After years of working as an in demand sideman for various songwriters and bands around the country, having his guitar playing and songwriting featured on national television as well as leading numerous guitar oriented instrumental projects, Scott has recently struck out as an acoustic based solo artist.​

The new project, which finds Scott’s signature shimmering guitar tones and skronky, avant/country improvisations serving as the backdrop for his witty, self-effacing and often heartbreaking lyric writing, is without-a-doubt Barkan’s most personal project to date.