JW Show Pre200v4 – Just Claire, Alex KW, Some Music, and Me

Jul 25, 2013 by

Pretty soon we’re just going to have to do episode 200, although I haven’t been able to do it quite yet. I feel like we should do something special, change up the whole show, or whatever. We’ll get there, but perhaps episode 200 isn’t quite the time. However, we did a fine last Pre200 episode previewing the next Discovery 2 live show as well as lots of great new music.


Morning Fuzz were so excited to get airplay on our show, they had a party!


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Only Partly There Ruthless Thing EP Tom Mitchell
I’m Alright Jack Lazibyrd Lazibyrd
Wicked Little Girl Dawn and Marra Dawn and Marra
Better Off Before An Hour to Anywhere Melic
Richard Parker The Dahus The Dahus
No Reason Better Days The Black Clouds
You Say Chasing Ghosts Morning Fuzz
Now Sonya Titus Sonya Titus
Make Friends Tidal Sound Blue Eyed Sun
Gunwales Gunwales (mp3) The Man In Washington
Reflections Ideals Ideals
Claire and Justin’s Gig Guide
Because of You Wings Max Campbell
Claire and Justin’s “The News and Our Opinion of It.”
Discovery 2 Preview featuring SebastopolCrash IslandGolden Rabbit and Lisa Kwei
Spirit Lamp (Joywave Remix) Admirers Admirers


See you next week for the big 200!!