JW Show Pre200v3: Just Some Tunes and Me

Jul 18, 2013 by

Just some independent music tunes and me… that could be a song. Perhaps I should write it and record it *slaps self*. Wheew, I feel better… We’ve got some great music this week from people like The Foghorn StringbandJD Weaver, Tom Vevers, and a brand new podtape which you can download on it’s own by clicking on these words.


The Foghorn Stringband had us a bit strung out this week on some killer old-time tracks… (photo by Mike Melnyk)

Title Album Artist
Going Home Outshine the Sun The Foghorn Stringband
Be Kind To A Man While He’s Down Outshine the Sun The Foghorn Stringband
Sunshine Perspective Ripping Off The Label JD Weaver
Heading The Same Way One Mile an Hour One Mile an Hour
Factory Song All the Other Animals Skeletons with Flesh on Them
Science Class Science Class Tom Vevers
Don’t Make Me Wait (Bath) Live in Bath, Winchester and Broadmayne Nick Tann
Girl In A Room Antiqcool Antiqcool
Rose is a Rose (PEACE mix) PEACE Amycanbe
Victim Of The System The Undivided The Undivided
Summer Skin Modern Dances Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
Dizzy Just a Little – EP Richard James
Falling In Love Sofa King Cool Daze of Dawn
Out In The Rain Tell Em Lies EP Three Kings High
The Game Single Will and the People
Don’t Get Carried Away (Curtis) Sun City Lucas Jack
Full Circle Sacred Ground California Transit Authority
Rusty Slow Blues The Madisons The Madisons
Wretched Body Wretched Body EP (Released 8th July 2013 Beth Rowley
Not Turning Back Not Turning Back EP Dirty Proper
Animal Fair Animal Fair EP Little Brother Eli
We Are Liars The Season Laura Marie
The Concurrence of All Things Home EP Big Tree
Caves (Forge Sessions) Forge Sessions Fitz.
Village Life Woodditton Wives Club Alex Highton
Living the Dream Built By Angels Jon Byrne

I’ll see you next week as Claire returns and we’ve got another preview for Discovery 2 to share!