JW Show Pre200v2: July’s Top Ten and 360 Degree Music Videos

Jul 10, 2013 by

Today’s show is another example of how we can proceed after episode 200 – just Claire, some great tunage, and myself. We’d move the interviews, live gig recordings and gig previews to their own live slots. What would you think of that? Comments at the bottom of this post, please. We also feature Kentish Fire‘s Kickstarter , July’s Top Ten , I sing and play as penance for losing last month’s Top Ten… and a whole lot of other great new independent music offerings and shenanigans.


The Undivided are offering two singles from their most recent EP – “Victim of the System” and “Open Your Eyes” for a limited time in exchange for your email address – yes, just your email address. Click over to their MusicGlue posting to grab them while they’re up.

Please do check out Kentish Fire‘s Kickstarter – they’ve been shooting the video for their new single “In Our Band” in 360 degree video and aim to finish it at Madame Jojos in August. All you need is a £5 note and you get to go, as well as getting their new EP! Heck, 35 gets you a tee-shirt, DVD, download, ticket…! It’s not the Kickstarter to miss! And, it’s probably the coolest Kickstarter video I’ve EVER seen.

Title Album Artist
Refresh The Game Is Long EP Courts
Reflections Ideals Ideals
Passing Sun EP 1 Cara Mitchell
Occupying This City Nathaniel James Nathaniel James
Dolly Dynamite See You Next Tuesday The Tuesday Club
In Our Band Kentish Fire Kentish Fire
Underground 39 Summers Hot Breakfast!
Grey’s Not Easy Within the Shifting Shade Bekah Kelso
Flaws and Ceilings London Eye EP Frank Hamilton
I Gotta’ Find Me Somethin’ Wonder Wheel Lisa Brigantino
Justin Sings “The Game” by Will and the People for losing last month’s Top Ten
The Game Single Will and the People
Open Your Eyes (Free Download) Safety The Undivided
Can’t Stop Tomorrow Wretched Body EP Beth Rowley
Claire and Justin’s Gig Guide
Baptism Violent We Are The City
The News and Our Opinion of It: Three Strikes in Ireland and Billy Bragg’s AIM UK Outstanding Achievement Award.
Stompin’ Elijah and the Moon Elijah and the Moon
Animals Teaspoons and Tablespoons Dawn and Marra
Summertime Summertime – Single Velasco
Stars, Stars, Stars The Dahus The Dahus
When The Angels Call Your Time When The Angels Call Your Time Wily Bo Walker


If you’re up for also giving Will and the People’s “The Game” a go, here are the lyrics and chords. Send us links to you playing them on Youtube or send the mp3s our way and we’ll play bits of them on the show.

Here’s the official video to practice with as well.


I’ll be flying solo next week as Claire will be away – come and keep me company!

~JW and CR