JW Show Pre200v1 – Beth Rowley, London Eye and Claire Wins Again

Jul 5, 2013 by

This week includes the triumphant return of Claire, piles of great new independent music for your ears, and a special guest. Beth Rowley joins us from London talking about her return to independent music, her new EP “Wretched Body” coming out 8th of July, and some great stories about people like Ron Sexsmith, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and getting hoisted into place during her film debut. She’s well travelled, but also very humble and completely focused on her music.


Beth Rowley joins us on the show talking about her self-released “Wretched Body” EP

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Ol’ Reb Wasteland Kings Wasteland Kings
Sequoia Within the Shifting Shade Bekah Kelso
Followers An Hour to Anywhere Melic
If I Die Tomorrow London Eye EP Frank Hamilton
Ident TJWS The Carnabys Jingles – TJWS The Carnabys
Sunken Ships One Mile an Hour One Mile an Hour
Do What You Want Exile AS the band
No Knowledge No Heart No Knowledge No Heart – EP Courts
Lifeline Lifeline NO the Band
Good As Gold Astro Veil Astro Veil
Underground 39 Summers Hot Breakfast!
Straitjacket Straitjacket Lukas Drinkwater
Grrr Sometime Around Andy Palmer
My Heart Is A Yo-Yo (Coconut Slaying Remix) The Tranq
Interview with Beth Rowley
Princess Wretched Body EP (Released 8th July 2013) Beth Rowley
Wretched Body Wretched Body EP (Released 8th July 2013) Beth Rowley
Troubles Roots One Mile an Hour One Mile an Hour


See you next time for Episode Pre200v2 which will be no interviews, just music.




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