JW Show Podcast No. 4: Asthmaboy

Feb 18, 2008 by


The Justin Wayne Show Podcast Time!

Welcome back. I’ve been doing a bit of experimentation and research and after realizing that there’s some difference between typing the subscribe URL into your browser and clicking on the link in the sidebar here, I’ve found the best way. I’ll be able to email the link, but the best way is to click on the link. It even says, “Click Here, it’s Easy!” because that’s the easiest way to either listen or subscribe.

And that’s final. I’ll add a widget into my sidebar here so you can listen straight off the blog AND on my myspace page. There’s a banner for the show there that you can copy and paste the HTML onto your page and you, too can support the JW Show on your Myspace page!

The Band of the Week this time is Asthmaboy. Their project is incredibly unique. Glindon Marten put this album together with his graphic design portfolio in the summer of 2007. A beautiful website, anyone can download the ENTIRE ALBUM FOR FREE. Head over to www.asthmaboymusic.com or you can find them on myspace too at www.myspace.com/asthmaboymusic.

I got the chance to interview Glindon and his writing partner John Boone on the show this week as well, and learned a bit about why they did it, how they work as a writing team, and what they think of music’s digital revolution. Check it out on the show.

I am also aware that the links on the site didn’t work for about a week. A few of these would allow you to listen to the show, and it made me sad that these problems happened so early in the show’s life. This was due to my web hosting company’s delay in transferring the information to their new platform, and I apologize for any delay or hindrance this may have caused any of you. If you were trying last week to get the show to work, have no fear, try again. Click up there on the “Click on Me, it’s Easy” link and it will help you out. If it doesn’t email me and tell me I’m a jerk and I’ll help you personally.

And don’t forget, if you want to listen to a specific show or link to it for your website, they’re all at the bottom of the sidebar in the mp3 archive. They’ll be up for as long as I own the domain (forever?) so feel free to link to any of them.

Here’s the playlist. Have a great week and let me know if you have music for me to listen to in order to consider for the show. I’m always on the lookout.

The Justin Wayne Show – Episode 4 – Asthmaboy

Song title – Album name – Band name

1. Joe C (is an idiot) – angels are ace – stuffy/the fuses
www.myspace.com/stuffythefuses OR www.stuffyandthefuses.net

2. Run in the Front – Small Steps Heavy Hooves – Dear and the Headlights – Equal Vision Records
www.myspace.com/dearandtheheadlights OR www.dearandtheheadlights.com

3. Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot with a Monkey Face) – Bone Palace Ballet – Chiodos – Equal Vision Records
www.myspace.com/chiodos OR www.chiodos.net

4. Fifteen Sixteen – The Apple War – The Apple War

5. New Found Interest – Whisperwall

Band of the Week! Interview!
6. Erase Her – Later Days – Asthmaboy
7. One Thought Per Second – Later Days – Asthmaboy
www.myspace.com/asthmaboymusic OR www.asthmaboymusic.com
Download the whole album “Later Days” for free from the website!

8. Young – Revolutions – Brave Citizens

9. Neon – The Fish Don’t Mind – Skeletons With Flesh On Them
www.myspace.com/skeletonswithfleshonthem OR www.swfot.com

10. Hold On – The Jamestown Story

11. Decadence Is Freedom With A Smile – Shooter’s Gonna Choke – Rosematter

12. Maybe Dead at 27 – Forty-four Stone Tigers – Overview

13. A Spell to Block the Sun – Dreadnaught – Mountain Mirrors
www.mountainmirrors.com OR www.myspace.com/mountainmirrors
This new album “Dreadnaught” comes out on February 22nd!

14. Out the Door – Nothin’ Better Than This – Brother Dan Palmer
www.brodanproductions.com OR www.myspace.com/brotherdan2

Thanks to all of you artists for your musical contribution and thanks again to Glindon and John for the wonderful interview. Take care, and have a wonderful week!