JW Show plus Awdio Number 3: The L Project

Feb 15, 2012 by


The L Project Singers - photo by Katie Lamb

Tonight’s show features a chat with Georgie from The L Project about the upcoming charity single “It Does Get Better” released on Saturday 11th February.  We’ll hear from Georgie about this single supporting LGBT education in schools, the charities it benefits, the motivation for the project, who involved, and we’ll play it for you and tell you how you can get the single and support the project.

We’ve also got brand new tunes from brand new artists to the show inclding Lyre, Mr. Kurtz, The Wheel Workers, Auditorium, and Greymatter.

We’re still thinking about a move to Mondays… comments?  Hit us up below.

Title Album Artist
Monks of Mellonwah_Neurogenesis Kyoto Monks of Mellonwah
The Phone Box The Phone Box Mike Gatto Band
Ever The Optimist Ever The Optimist Lights Out Dancing
Nero Humorous To Bees Little Tybee
You’re Like Water Small Steps In A Big Life Greymatter
A London Reminition What Are You Waiting For? The Robbie Boyd Band
Holding On The Pete Walter Band The Pete Walter Band
Karaoke Freight Train Nights Worth Living – EP Auditorium
Before The Devil Catches Me …Before The Devil Catches Me Juey
Memories of Victory JW Lounge Sessions 10 Oct 2011 Juey
Curvature Head Case 320s the happy problem
The Road to Jericho Hear No Evil Jimmy Kane
Summer Girls HipHopAlypse Now EP Mr. Kurtz
Interview with Georgey from The L Project
It Does Get Better (11th Feb) Charity Single The L Project
The Mop Unite The Wheel Workers
Letter From Abroad 21st Century Redemption Songs Unquiet Nights
Last Night In My Dream Iconoclast LYRE
Grant Dawson – Spellbound Way Spellbound Way Grant Dawson
Minnesota Son Take A Stand Jespa
Give It To Me Make Me Beg General Harrison
The Polka The Gin Riots The Gin Riots


See you next week!