JW Show plus Awdio: Back to Basics

Feb 18, 2012 by

We’re moving the live show to Mondays and podcasts will be released the following Sunday.  Why?  So the magical Mark Riley can join us and we can be in a better slot to promote album releases which usually occur on Tuesdays.

Aside from this change in day of the week, it seems we’ve finally found a happy medium as things since we’ve returned have gone very smoothly.  Both the quality of the shows and the regularity of the podcast posting  has gone well, and we have had great response from all of you.

Make sure you pick up your copy of The L Project’s single, “It Does Get Better” to support LGBT education in schools to fight bullying and youth suicides caused by mis/non education.  It’s a great song for a great cause, and you can hear it again on this week’s show.

And I did have to include a picture of Keith Easton wearing his Justin Wayne Show tee-shirt (you can get yours here) as it’s very cute.  You can see the Deadly Winters EP in the background if you zoom in!  Great product placement Keith, you can be my manager any day.

Keith Easton - Justin Wayne Show T-shirt

Keith Easton in his TJWS Tee Shirt

Title Album Artist
Broken Small Steps In A Big Life Greymatter
The Road to Jericho Hear No Evil Jimmy Kane
The Mop Unite The Wheel Workers
1.Caught Up Fall In From The Top When Kisses Become Scars
Drop Drop – Single Burning Shapes
Hell Isn’t My Home Hell Isn’t My Home (UK Release) October Sky
Back to Nowhere CJ Sleez CJ Sleez
Only The Lonely The Aftermyth Zodiac N Black
Jumping Ships Common Tongues Common Tongues
Disconnected (acoustic mix) Disconnected (acoustic) Jazz Morley
Oath of an Old Romantic Transitions[PROMO] JKLMNO
Letter From Abroad 21st Century Redemption Songs Unquiet Nights
It Does Get Better (11th Feb) The L Project The L Project
Piper This One Time, At BandCamp Junebug
Pigfork Old Good Poor Crazy Dead (Final) The Imperial Rooster
Isobar By The Helmholtz Resonators Isobar (single) The Helmholtz Resonators
REAL LIFE Single Alonestar Feat Ed Sheeran & Jaja Soze
Purple Street A Jillion Kicks Heypenny
Copycat Square one Hollywood tramp
Drane World Domination David Goo Variety Band
Curious Pair Wins Again Debate Team
Waste My Days Away EP 2 The Wutars
Solid State 11|70 Fake Teak
New York City New York City The Elements


See you lot on Monday!