JW Show No. 3: Lights Out Dancing

Feb 11, 2008 by


Welcome back to the blog for the JW Show Podcast number three!

Now, with all the link confusion I’ve found a way to work everything out quickly and easily. I must admit, I too was worried about clicking on the “Subscribe in a Reader” link. I thought it might subscribe immediately and not give me a choice as to what to do… blah, blah. I have worries about my computer. I realized that of all people, I shouldn’t be afraid of this link and I clicked on it.

Not only was I wrong, I was dead wrong. Feedburner (not paying me to say this!) has a great little page with everything you’d ever need to subscribe OR just play the show. I was excited. It’s that easy. Just click on the link Subscribe in a Reader and it will take you to this marvelous page with everything you’ll need to listen or subscribe. It’s easy! Try it.

I’d also suggest that link to anyone putting it on their myspace page or sending it out to friends. If you want it typed out:


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For all of you artists, I’m putting out the call to send me a little drop with you band’s name it in. You know, like those little drops on the radio? You know. I sent it out in an email too. If you’ve got a microphone, Garageband, Audacity, or you’re in the studio with the whole setup, I don’t care. I can make bad sounding stuff sound good, so send me whatever you can! I don’t want to give you much of a script either, but make sure it’s says “…The Justin Wayne Show” at the end. I’d love to hear how creative you guys (and girls!) can get! I’d love the support.

The band of the week this week was Lights Out Dancing from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was fortunate to catch up with a few of the band members on the phone and we got them to say a few words – even telling us an almost compromising touring story. Their five-song EP is available from their myspace page at www.myspace.com/lightsoutdancing or find their music on the iTunes directory. Yes, they’re on iTunes.

With a rich blend of high-energy guitars and (I’m not going to say “soaring vocals” because that’s what everyone says, but that’s what I WANT to say) lovely vocals the band has come a long way from their roots as the pop/punk Charmin. Standing out from their peers as they sing positive and motivating songs their EP is enjoyable to listen to and can even provide motivation on a slow day. I find pride in playing their music on the show because I feel it highlights the core of what we’re trying to do too – bring hope to a sometimes hopeless culture. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and Lights Out Dancing reminds us of that.

And one special thanks… Thanks to Equal Vision Records, a very sweet indie label that’s given us permission to play anything from their website. I wanted to make sure to thank them specifically because they’ve got some great music and it makes me feel good when organizations like them take interest in a project like this. Thanks!

Here’s the playlist for the week…

The Justin Wayne Show, Episode 3

1. An Abbreviation – Later Days – Asthmaboy
www.asthmaboymusic.com OR www.myspace.com/asthmaboymusic.com

2. Pistol – Please Come Home – Dustin Kensrue – Equal Vision Records
www.dustinkensrue.com OR www.myspace.com/dustinkensrue OR www.equalvision.com/artist/Dustin_Kensrue

3. One Step Away – A Step In the Dark – Rob Blackledge

4. The World – Here’s Some Music – Jake Rowan
www.myspace.com/jakerowan OR www.jakerowan.com

5. DONT – Sam Squared

6. Via Invested – M(US)IC – Damiera – Equal Vision Records
www.damiera.com OR www.myspace.com/damiera OR www.equalvision.com/artist/Damiera

Band of the Week – Lights Out Dancing. Complete with interview!

7. Broken Compass – Oh The Places You’ll Go – Lights Out Dancing
8. I’m Calming Down – Oh The Places You’ll Go – Lights Out Dancing

9. I Forgive You – The Fast Track

10. White Teens In Tight Jeans – The Library EP – Robots & Butterflies
www.myspace.com/robotsandbutterflies OR www.robotsandbutterflies.com

11. Fool Me Once, Strike One, Fool Me Twice, Strike Three – Shooter’s Gonna Choke – Rosematter

12. Shadows Are Bent – Sing Into My Mouth – Gospel Gossip
www.myspace.com/gospelgossip OR www.gospelgossipband.com

13. Time Keeps Tickin’ Away – Nothin’ Better Than This – Brother Dan Palmer
www.brodanproductions.com OR www.myspace.com/brotherdan2

14. Loop-o-plane – Guinevere – Jeff Wahl – Magnatune.com
www.jeffwahlguitar.com OR www.myspace.com/jeffwahlguitar

15. Alone in a Crowd – Mountain Mirrors – Mountain Mirrors – Magnatune.com
www.mountainmirrors.com OR www.myspace.com/mountainmirrors

Thanks to all the artists once again for a great show. If, somehow, your link got goofed in my testing process, email me and I’ll fix it pronto! Also, if you’re an artist not yet on the show, and I either have or have not (as it were) your music, remind me and I’ll try and get it on! The show is about the listeners and the artists! It’s for you.