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Zalinski, one of my favourite London bands has broken up, so I thought I’d replay my interview with them from November when they released their most recent EP, Actions, Reactions, and Misunderstandings.  I’m very sad they’re gone, but listen to cuts from this great EP (as well as tons of other great tunes) on one of my favourite episodes.

Back next week!  See you then… with bells on!


zalinski-arm1Kerpow!  This new EP from Zalinski is crammed full of thick, jam-based, guitar rock that (if you fancy a good rock n’ roll tune) you’re gonna really enjoy.  We’ve got the band on the show (in their car, actually) chatting to us about how they came together, the way they write, and where this new EP is taking them.  What’s it called?  Actions, Reactions, and Misunderstandings.  We obviously liked it so much we named the episode after it.

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We have also got some more fresh sonic deliciousness from Black Bikini Alpha, The Powwows, and another new track from our boys at Junebug.

For the rest… the playlist.

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 68:  Actions, Reactions, and Misunderstandings

Title Album Artist
Ulysses Ulysses Goh Nakamura
Sun Kissed Planet Sun-Kissed Planet Kakuzi
Ever The Optimist Ever The Optimist Lights Out Dancing
Same Moon All the Other Animals Skeletons with Flesh on Them
Monday Morning Love Situation The January Transfer Window Jointpop
The Reductionist Problems Bluejuice
Blink Make a Frightening Sound Velvet Velvet Velvet
London Town is Falling Down Grand Madness Black Bikini Alpha
Bright City Lights Sunless Sundays Single Trenton and Free Radical
Simultaneously Uncle Funk Skinless Finger
I’m the Enforcer Be Brave Field
Leaves Tiny Movements Ben TD
I Start Fires-We Start Riots Last Days Of Lorca
Soar Actions, Reactions & Misunderstandings Zalinski
Interview with the (whole) band Zalinski
Apology to the Feminine Actions, Reactions & Misunderstandings Zalinski
Aphrodite Share Junebug
Come With Me Strange Day In Mexico The Clintons
Doorway Storybook EP Jennings
Live Fast, Die Sticky (live) Can We Play in Your Garden? Uncle Meat and the Highway Children
Mistake Checking Pulse Checking Pulse
Cravin Raven Charlz Newman Charlz Newman