JW Show Episode 127 Part 2: Claire Nicolson and More T-Shirts

Apr 13, 2011 by

This half of the show features indie rock artist, traveller, and respectful lady Claire Nicolson on the show talking about her upcoming single release of “You and I” as she gets closer to the launch of her debut album “52 Card Pickup.  We also talk a bit more about the launch of the Justin Wayne Show merch table selling our brand new, snazzy T-shirts.


Claire Nicolson

We also have our winners for the “Name that Fish” contest (our new fishy mascot above in the logo) who are being sent t-shirts this week.  They were Mark Riley in London, UK for the entry “Babel” and Jason Ober in Chicago, Illinios for the entry, and the new name of 0ur mascot, Wally!  (He said Wally the Walleye, which is a fish found alot in Minnesota where I’m from, etc… )  Congratulations to both of them.  You can still grab a t-shirt for yourself from our new online store.

The T-Shirts are pretty cool… so cool in fact I wore one out of the house the other day.  I know you’re not supposed to do that but they’re cool enough to break the “don’t wear your own band’s t-shirt” rule on occasion.  They’re high-quality shirts, comfy, and even show off my (lack of) muscles.

Title Album Artist
All of this Time Notion The Movement Fam
Curious Pair Wins Again Debate Team
Coward Music “They” Don’t Want You To Hear Rubber Clown Car
Spider Song Sweet Sister Starlight Fit and the Conniptions
Crazy For You My Blood Luke Dick
Quiet Company You and I Single (7th Mar, 2011) Claire Nicolson and Yellowhammer
Interview with Claire Nicolson
You and I 52 Card Pickup Claire Nicolson and Yellowhammer
Blind Jack of Knaresborough Big Block 454 Big Block 454

Did you miss the first half of the show?

Talk to you soon!


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  1. Good show! I like Claire’s stuff. I really need to play her on Rubyfruit Radio.