JW Show Ep. 6: Jenny Mitchell and Mathias Kom

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“Smashing mugs and bathing suits
I even like it when he’s really rude
To people who deserve it
(…Church choir robes, disco lights and strobes)”

-from “Thrift Store” by The Barmitzvah Brothers

Quote of the week from one of the three bands included in the interesting and enjoyable trifecta of groups who the Artists of the Week are involved. Jenny Mitchell, also known as Jenny Omnichord wrote this song for her father where she is employed while not on the road AND the same place where she found the instrument of her namesake, the omnichord. Sharing her talents not only with her band The Barmitzvah Brothers but also on a solo project where she goes by her cleaver stage name Jenny Omnichord and with her band-mate Mathias Kom’s other project The Burning Hell. This band brings Kom’s dark vocal voice and humor to the front, creating a different but equally enjoyable sound. This group of funny, interesting, and brilliant songwriters was impossible to play as just one group, and so we’ve given each of their projects a thorough listen and they’re all played in the feature segment of the show this week.

They’re starting out on tour through central and western Canada on March 5th and not stopping until sometime in June. Accompanying this trip is another project of Jenny Mitchell’s (if she didn’t have enough on her place already) which is a journal/book entitled Jenny’s Cross Canada Haircut Book. For just 2 dollars (in Canadian, I assume) you get a prime haircut from the self-taught barber that Jenny is, and she gets a before-and-after picture, talks to you and adds your pictures and your story to her book. How cool is that? If you’re interested in letting Jenny know how cool it is, here’s her email address: agatharead@hotmail.com. Tell her you heard about it on the Justin Wayne Show.

Montana friends… They’re going to be in Lethbridge on March 30th! (For those of you non-Montanans, Lethbridge is the Canadian border town where all the 19 year-olds go to buy and drink alcohol. Kind of like Montana’s version of Tijuana except Montana’s MORE frightening than Lethbridge. It’s Canada!)

If you’re somewhere else and are interested in catching some great music and a great 2 dollar haircut, here’s the rest of that contact information.

Jenny Omnichord: www.myspace.com/jennyomnichord
The Burning Hell: www.myspace.com/mathiaskom
The Barmitzvah Brothers: www.thebarmitzvahbrothers.com

Also on the show this week is my co-host from FM 99 The Mountain in Red Lodge, Montana, member of the Dawn Patrol, Bill Buckner! We had fun with it this week.

Ryan in the Ring is back again and Ryan’s promised to hate loving Star Trek every week now. If you’ve got questions, comments or anything like that email him at nimoysucks@gmail.com. He’s ready to tear up that fantastic sci-fi “cannon”.

Of course, I got a little carried away with that Band of the Week because you can’t just think stuff up that’s THAT funny and cool to write about in a blog. It’s nice to let someone else provide the humor this week, especially such an interesting group of music-makers!

My humor has about run out right now as I’m heading back to the States tomorrow and leaving Jamie behind. It will only be until my work permit and work visa get worked out, but it saddens me to leave her here in a big city all by herself. She does have our caring flatmates and the best Staffordshire Terrier there ever was to take care of her, but I’ll be back home.

If you happen to be in the Minneapolis greater metro area and you’re looking to get your carpet cleaned, I believe I’ll be moonlighting as a carpet cleaning technician with Arndt Carpet Care when I’m there. It’s my Dad’s carpet cleaning business, and you can find us on the web (I made the site!) at: www.arndtcarpetcare.com.

Any shows I should check out while I’m home? Band, let me know when you’re playing and I can meet some of you face-to-face instead of myspace profile-to-myspace profile.

The next episode of the show should come off as scheduled, so don’t worry about that. We’ll just be broadcasting from my teenage room where all of my cool band posters, old trophies, and weird collectibles are still on the wall. It’s kind of like my sarcophagus but I’ve already risen from the dead. Creepy, now that I say that…

Alright, here’s the playlist. Take care. Special thanks to the Independent Online Distribution Alliance (IODA) for helping provide some of the music. Independent musicians and artists, check into this program for putting your stuff on the web for people to buy and download. They do a very nice job of prepping the music for us podcasters, so they’re doing something right over there. Also, thanks to the other artists who graciously provided their music for show. I do appreciate it.

The JW Show, Ep. 6 – Jenny Mitchell and Mathias Kom

“Song title” Album name Band name Record Label

1. “I Can Feel It” Oh The Places You’ll Go Lights Out Dancing

2. “Come Around” Sing It Loud Sing It Loud

3. “Drama” This World Fair This World Fair Rethink Records

4. “I’ll Pretend” Ill Be Here Awake Arthur Yoria 5Records

5. You! Me! Dancing! Hold On Now, Youngster Los Campesinos! Arts and Crafts

Artists of the Week! Jenny Mitchell and Mathias Kom
6. “Gone So Far” Cities of Gifts and Ghosts Jenny Omnichord Weewark Records
7. “Grave Situation Pt. 1” Happy Birthday The Burning Hell Weewark Records
8. “Thrift Store Owner” Let’s Express Our Motives: An Album of Under-Appreciated Job Songs The Barmitzvah Brothers Weewark Records

9. “Shop” Onions III Onions

10. “Sex On The Radio” Strange Day In Mexico The Clintons

11. “Just Rise” 14 Days Plunkett

12. “Disappearing Trick” Later Days Asthmaboy
www.asthmaboymusic.com (get the whole 12 song album for free on their website!)

13. “Let the Woman” Let the Woman Andy Davis

14. “Flowering Spade” Flowering Spade Sean Hayes

15. “Suburban Boredom” Big Night Out The Milestone Corporation

Thanks everyone for your continued support of the show. All of us appreciate it a lot and we couldn’t do it without you. Yes, you.



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