JW Show Ep. 5: Robots and Butterflies

Feb 25, 2008 by


“I live for these weekends
And to take advantage of second chances
With glances, still an outcast kid”

-Robots and Butterflies, “No Shows in April” from The Library EP

Yes, a great song quote from the Band of the Week. Robots and Butterflies hails from South Florida and as a strong four-piece pop/punk outfit show quite a bit of promise in their energy and their songwriting. There’s two songs in the show this week or head on over to www.myspace.com/robotsandbutterflies to get more info including ways to buy their EP “The Library”.

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Ryan in the Ring

As we’ve all come to love and laugh at the sci-fi comedy stylings of Ryan in “Ryan in the Ring” he’s finally agreed to do one every week. I’ve added his email in the sidebar too, nimoysucks@gmail.com. If you have any questions, comments, or wish to contribute to that segment send the comments his way. If I were you I’d battle him right back with some good comments. Heck, if you post comments about it here or send them to me, I’ll be happy to send them along to him.

Time for the playlist. A special thanks this week (and every week) going out to John Williams who has generously lent his music to the imaging of the show. He’s got a great recording setup at his studio so if you’re an artist or a band in the Seattle area, you should look him up. Here, I’ll help you: www.johnwms.com. Thanks, John!

The Justin Wayne Show, Episode No. 5 – Robots and Butterflies

“Song title” Album name Band name Record Label

(I know I keep changing the playlist format. I’ll settle on a format sometime soon. I kinda like this one, do you?)

1. “Pickin’ Up Pieces” Onions III Onions

2. “Kitten Kaboodle” angels are ace stuffy/the fuses Sour Puss Records
www.myspace.com/stuffythefuses OR www.stuffyandthefuses.net

3. “Geneva” Be Polite Be Professional Hundred Years War

4. “Worth Takin'” A Song Like This Rob Blackledge

5. “I Used To Work At The Zoo” Tell Your Friends/I Used To Work at the Zoo The Beep Seals Heron Recordings

6. “Psycho Stepper” The Apple War The Apple War

Band of the Week! Bullets and Butterflies!
7. “No Shows In April” The Library EP Robots & Butterflies
8. “All In” The Library EP Robots & Butterflies

9. “Bastogne” Olympia EP Olympia Equal Vision Records
www.myspace.com/olympia OR www.olympiaband.com

10. “Cast No Shadow” What Have We Become Seemless Equal Vision Records
www.myspace.com/seemless OR www.equalvision.com/artist/Seemless

11. “Born Deranged” Dreadnaught Mountain Mirrors
www.mountainmirrors.com OR www.myspace.com/mountainmirrors

12. “Try” Never Heard’em Coming… Oh Crap! Ninjas

13. “Steven” Songs About Steven The Milestone Corporation

14. “Tensleep” Embryo Outside
(On the show I said that this was Dean Anderson when in truth and real live DEVIN Anderson is in this little group with Ben McCombs as the leading man. My sincerest apologies!)

15. “Foir” Moss Green Wesafari
www.wesafarimusic.com OR www.myspace.com/wesafari

Thanks again to all the bands! If there are more out there that you know of that you’d like to hear on the show, or if YOU are a band and you want to appear on the show email me!