JW Show 279: Pollen Paws and New Hanna’s Marines

Mar 25, 2015 by

This week’s show includes some great new singles from our friends at Hanna’s Marines and Common Tongues. You’ll also hear a session and interview from The Workshop in Walla Walla with Kit Crawford of Pollen Paws. This Walla Walla native creates some truly unique music, now based in Portland.


Justin did quite an “interesting” job putting the music together this week, so be ready for some jarring transitions between songs. The joys of a truly eclectic music show!


Hanna’s Marines release their latest single, “Let’s Be Bolder” on Friday March 27th.

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Find Me Out Find Me Out – Single Hollywood Principle
Take Me Home Kasiopea EP Kasiopea
Queen of Chinatown Queen of Chinatown (single) The Controversy
Let’s Be Bolder Let’s Be Bolder (single) Hanna’s Marines
Dali Plastic House Cajsa Siik
New Moon New Moon (single) Common Tongues
These Walls Have Teeth These Walls Have Teeth – Single Ginger on the Rocks
Lie To Me Lie To Me Elle Exxe
Goodbye Old Paint Jayme Stone‘s Lomax Project Jayme Stone
Black Flag Black Flag (single) It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane!
I See You Hanna’s Marines
Interview with Kit Crawford of Pollen Paws
Into You, Into Me Live at The Workshop Pollen Paws
Deep in the Wild Live at The Workshop Pollen Paws
Judy (Feat. Oil My Member) Deep Inside The Lungs Of A Whale The Great Secret
Apocalypse Beach Apocalypse Beach Roaming Herds of Buffalo
It’s OK 2014 Singles Tom Rosenthal
Violent Veins Roulette Emily Wolfe
Slipping From Your Heart Slipping From Your Heart [ Single ] The Deadline Shakes
Back of the Pack Back of the Pack EP Alex Hulme
Tenterhooks The Bullet Birdeatsbaby
Helpless Blue Roses Rachael Sage
Don’t You Know How Busy & Important I Am Bolu Tom Rosenthal


See you next week!

~JW and CR