JW Show 277: Anna Pancaldi makes us giggle

Mar 11, 2015 by

Yes, Anna Pancaldi joined us live on the show today to talk about her upcoming EP Black Tears, and made me laugh so hard I nearly wet myself. What a character, and what an amazing voice and wonderful songs. You’ll hear our interview with her as well as a pre-release single from her EP on the show today, along with lots of other brand new songs and new submissions rolling in.


Don’t forget to catch up on our Birthday Best Show we did last week – we gave out awards for best song of the year so you shouldn’t miss it!


Anna Pancaldi joins us on today’s show and releases her latest EP, Black Tears on March 22nd!

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
The Fall I Must Be Gone And Live, Or Stay And Die The Glass Child
Too Young Too Young (single) Them Vs. Her
Vines Vines (single) Polar States
Lay Me Down Live At The Workshop Rogue Lobster
These Walls Have Teeth These Walls Have Teeth – Single Ginger on the Rocks
Salisbury Delmarva Danny O’Neill
Heaven will be Boring 2014 Singles Tom Rosenthal
Prison Song Dear Lucy Soundtrack Sam King
Exit Sign Exit Sign (single) Fatally Yours
Breed Breed (single) Skies
I’d Like To Remain a Mystery I’d Like To Remain A Mystery The Glass Child
Back of the Pack Back of the Pack EP Alex Hulme
Infinite Loops Infinite Loops (single) Fjokra
Live interview with Anna Pancaldi
Stay Right Here Ont’ Sofa Anna Pancaldi
Out Ahead Black Tears EP Anna Pancaldi
Hold On Sons And Daughters Allman Brown
Wretched Body Wretched Body EP (Released 8th July 2013 Beth Rowley
Talk the Talk Rock ‘n’ Roll Titty Bingo
Destroying Onions Record Store E.P. LGM One


See you next week!

~JW and CR