JW Show 272: Fake Jingles and Goofy Nicknames

Jan 28, 2015 by

We’ve got a show packed with great #realindie music this week (and trying to raise this hashtag and reclaim our “genre”, and you’ll hear Claire and I banter about with some fake jingles, talk about the upcoming Birthday Best, and we even give Randy a compliment in this episode, so it’s worth listening if only just for that.


The Great Secret’s song, “Judy” received a highly elusive Rewind on the show this week!

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Darkest Hour Darkest Hour (single) Haula
Breakers Breakers Santa Croce
Judy (Feat. Oil My Member) Deep Inside The Lungs Of A Whale The Great Secret
Judy (Feat. Oil My Member) Deep Inside The Lungs Of A Whale The Great Secret
Ain’t One Something in The Water Haunted Summer
I Think I’ll Just Go I Think I’ll Just Go (single) The Twenty First
Mash Up Mash Up (Single) Chris and the Celeriac
Who Do You (acapella) Pre release teaser Little Brother Eli
When She Sings Animal Fair EP Little Brother Eli
Strays Bricks Cambridge Park
DA DA DA Err on the Side of Love The Madisons
Turn the Tables Snowapple Live Snowapple
Borderland Fugue State Via Dove
Girl + The Well Over The Water The Breaking Yard
Like God Real Snow Kye Alfred Hillig
Hoonanaparka (Single Edit) Songs We Sing Before We’re Successful The 150 Friends Club
Black Flowers The Art of Loving Jingo
Beasts Beasts Common Tongues
Why Should I? DemoFest Dayton 2014 Pollen Paws
You You (acoustic) The Floodgates
Feet Don’t Fail Me Now Feet Don’t Fail Me Now Single (Jan 30th) Jake Morley
Dancing With Death Trying to Make Sense Jazz Morley


~JW and CRSee you next week!