JW Show 271: Daniel G. Harmann Hugs Cats and Mountains

Jan 21, 2015 by

Daniel G. Harmann stopped by for an interview and to share his upcoming album, White Mountains. He also provides tips on how to travel the country hugging cats. Crucial info, so don’t miss it. 😉 This week’s show also includes quite a bit of new music from the submission box, as well as one from our current EP release, The One Takes, which is still available for you to purchase from our Bandcamp page. Each purchase is a financial step toward making our independent music radio station a reality.


Daniel not only hugs cats, he’s got another album coming out in April called White Mountains

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Stars Will Descend Stars Will Descend EP Blair Jollands
The Facade The Facade (single) For Aeons
Best of Friends Blood, Sweat, Tears, Love, Laugh, Fears E.P. Logan Stryx
Iron Boat The Ruins Planes On Paper
Drown Swimming Lengths/ Drown Jack Barnett
Sneaker Juice Beginning EP Abhi The Nomad
The Life and Death of an Oak Tree The Life and Death of an Oak Tree (single) Hunter Dumped Us Here
The Beginning The Beginning (single) Lonna Marie
Gold Gold (single) Casitas
Waltz With Me Waltz With Me (single) Something Someone
1996 Something in The Water Haunted Summer
Interview with Daniel G. Harmann
Foreverever White Mountains Daniel G. Harmann
Pistols at Dawn White Mountains Daniel G. Harmann
Cold Shoulders Cold Shoulders (single) Gold Motel
How Far We Can Go How Far We Can Go – Single Dakota Brown Band
Can’t Get Enough HELP ME! The Sweet Serenades
Rat Race The One Takes, Volume 1 Van Susans


See you next week!

~JW and CR