JW Show 268: Out of 2014 with a Bang!

Dec 31, 2014 by

We’re spending our last show of 2014 playing some of our favorites from the year, talking about our upcoming awards show, and you’ll hear us conversing with an awful lot of live listeners. What a great show, we hope you enjoy it.

And thanks to all of you for a great 2014! We couldn’t have done this without you and you’ve given us so much confidence to achieve our lofty goals for 2015. We look forward to taking this “our own radio station” journey with us. (If you want to see its infancy, check out maven.fm right now!)


You’ll hear the very first radio play of The Oceans Above’s new single, “Forgive Me” off their upcoming EP Epilogue.

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Headlights This New Day The Undivided
Forgive Me Epilogue EP The Oceans Above
Moment Goes For Now, Not Forever The Young Wild
Never Stop On Yellow Lights Never Stop on Yellow Lights (single) 12gafs
Fifth Avenue Fifth Avenue – Single The Rose Affair
Hush Hush (single) Hawk
Break-66 Gates Nate John
40 Hours 40 Hours (single) The Totems
Oxygen Thief Independence (A Lack Of) MassMatiks
You’re So Complicated You’re So Complicated single Karl Golden
Dust Spirals Sunshine, Dark Eyes Blacktop Harrison
Swoon Roulette Emily Wolfe
Everybody Knows Even the Sun Will Burn (PREVIEW) Iska Dhaaf
Hey Luis Don’t Bite Me 2014 Tom Rosenthal
Friends Again Sugarcoating (Deluxe Version) Martin Sexton
Wake Up The One Takes, Volume 1 Laura Marie
Man of Worth The One Takes, Volume 1 Pepper And Shepherd
Brain Cells Many Splendored Things James Dean Kindle & The Eastern Oregon Playboys
Across the Boroughs Monochrome Places Cloud Person
This New Year This New Year Big Tree


See you in the new year!

~JW and CR