JW Show 263: Smokey Brights and Crushed Blacks

Nov 19, 2014 by

It’s the week we finally get to release our first EP! The One Takes, Volume 1 is out and you can get it right now for $3. Every dollar you spend is going straight into our development of the new independent music radio station Maven.FM and we have to thank the artists appearing on this volume including Laura Marie, Roaming Herds of Buffalo, Van Susans and Pepper and Shepherd for the recordings, Beatnik Geek Records for releasing it for us, and Rob Fraboni for mastering the tracks for the album.

Go check it out over at mavenfm.bandcamp.com or scroll down to check it out.

On the show you’ll also hear an interview with Ryan Devlin from Smokey Brights and Navid Eliot from Planes on Paper who are playing Middle of Nowhere Sessions this Friday. Smokey Brights have a new album out now called Taste of Blood which is pretty delicious – check it out. You’ll also hear some great tunes from the submission box and we’ll beat your brow about picking up the new EP.


Smokey Brights just released their first full-length called Taste for Blood. It’s delicious.


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Seventeen Seventeen Bayonet
So Hard So Hard Sherpa
The Fear of Falling The Fear of Falling Robyn Harvey
Brick Brick Alison May
Lose Control Young & in Love Northern National
I Do I Do Lonna Marie
You You (acoustic) The Floodgates
Foreign Lands Foreign Lands First You Get The Sugar
Common Mistake Common Mistake The Bad Years
Keeping That Heat Alive The Longest Journey Sample Answer
I’m The Enforcer Be Brave Auditorium
Wretched Body Wretched Body EP (Released 8th July 2013 Beth Rowley
Interview with Ryan Devlin of Smokey Brights and Navid Eliot of Planes On Paper
Wolves The East End Session Planes On Paper
Taste for Blood Taste for Blood Smokey Brights
If I Can’t Change Your Mind Taste for Blood Smokey Brights
Factory Song The One Takes, Volume 1 Roaming Herds of Buffalo



Thanks and see you next week!