JW Show 248: Dakota Brown Band and New Mics

Aug 6, 2014 by

Dakota Brown Band joined us in Studio C last week while they were on tour of eastern Washington/Oregon and laid down a great live session and interview which you’ll hear on this show. Also, Claire and I gush about our new microphones, learn about children’s bicycles and play some great real-indie music.


Dakota Brown Band’s new album should be out before the end of the year. What a great live session!

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Shapeshifting Sam Joole Sam Joole
Animals Conversationalist In-Flight Safety
Romie Knows High Street Barton Blues Just Walden
Skyway Drive-In Ladera Shane Alexander
Sophomore The Mothers The Mothers
Black Books One of the Same Kind – EP Alex Gregory
Street Queen Free Music Feature The Greasy Slicks
Run Away Run Away – single Keston Cobblers Club
Green Light Green Light – unplugged single Alex Hart
Moment Goes The Young Wild The Young Wild
Dancin’ On My Knees DETROIT BLOCK PARTY The Infatuations
Interview and Session with Dakota Brown Band
Wolves The East End Session Planes On Paper
Minnesotan Rag Now Serving… The Pornadoes
Waiting For the Sun Wine Dark Sea Jolie Holland
Love & Hate Reverb & Suction The Table of Contents
After the Wall The Lost Weekend Sean Flinn and The Royal We
Like God Session Two: Kye Alfred Hillig Kye Alfred Hillig
My Young Love Was As Blind As Ray Charles And Half As Cold As Heat The Buddhist Kye Alfred Hillig


See you next week with interviews from Shane Alexander and Planes on Paper.


~JW and CR