JW Show 247: Matt Schofield and New Toys

Jul 31, 2014 by

This week’s show features a chat with blues guitar virtuoso Matt Schofield as well as plenty of lovely tunes including a few played on vinyl! Yep, we’ve got the technology for that now, too!

Matt Schofield 2013-3 credit Sam Hare

Matt Schofield’s new album, “Far As I Can See” is out now.


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Breathe This New Day The Undivided
What You Need You Of Clocks and Clouds
Feels So Good Feels So Good (vinyl) The Record Company
I Do It For You To the Bone Cynthia Brando
Will You Sell Your Soul To The Devil? – LIVE Live in Chicago Natalie Gelman
Diamonds and Stiletto Shoes Anna Gutmanis
Nav 17 Single Black Thistles
Phoebes Song Free Single Della Lupa
Always Follow Your Heart Always Follow Your Heart** Mark Hole
Painted Faces Painted Faces Jess McAllister
Drinking In The Day The Bullet Within Birdeatsbaby
Interview with Matt Schofield
Red Dragon Far As I Can See Matt Schofield
I’ve Been Life Landing on a Hundred (vinyl) Cody ChesnuTT
What You See is What You Get Circular Doorway (vinyl) Lake
Buzz In Your Hive The Hired Guns The Sales Brothers
Lost Weekend Lost Weekend Sean Flinn & The Royal We


See you next week with more great music!

~JW and CR