JW Show 243: The Record Company in The Middle of Nowhere

Jul 2, 2014 by

The Record Company’s Chris Vos joined me in Studio C at Main Street Studios when they were in town and you’ll hear our discussion about how the band came together and has risen to become one of the best Los Angeles live acts. Reggie and Beth join us from Middle of Nowhere Sessions once again to bring some of their incoming acts and talk about their Kickstarter campaign.

All of these guys keep me company while Claire is away this week, but we’ll ring her and get her on the phone hoarse from the Glastonbury Festival.


Mark, Chris and Alex of The Record Company’s new album Feels So Good is… well… so good!

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Old Man’s Country Song Brave and Alive The Sudden Lovelys
On The Move Superdead EP The Record Company
See You On The Other Side (Featuring Pauline Wick) Into The Great Unknown Bradford Loomis
Paper Tiger Lux & Wax The Wicks
Forever Born Steel Toed Slippers EP Steel Toed Slippers
Disaster Friends Of The Year Pageantry
Courage Jespa (Free Music Feature) Pepper And Shepherd
Turning from the Light Maiden, Mother, [CRONE] – EP Jordan Reyne
I Am Falling Faster Than You Can Run Nathaniel Rateliff
Beam A Scene of Plenty Keston Cobblers Club
Baby Blue Snowapple Snowapple
Interview with Chris Vos of The Record Company
Staring At My Hands Famous Cigarettes ((Split w/ Dust from 1000 Years)) Bad History Month
Jamalamadingdong Famous Cigarettes ((Split w/ Dust from 1000 Years)) Dust from 1000 Years
Anything, Anymore Anything, Anymore single The Poetry Assassins
Boom Boom Black Cloud Tango Alpha Tango
Paper Walls Trying to Make Sense Jazz Morley

See you next week with live sessions and interviews from The Wicks and Jeff Crosby and the Refugees!