JW Show 242: Bradford Loomis, Chinook Fest and Middle of Nowhere Sessions

Jun 25, 2014 by

Bradford Loomis, Cody Beebe from Chinook Fest and Reggie and Beth from The Middle of Nowhere Sessions joined Claire and myself on the show today. Amongst some great independent music we spoke with all of our guests, laughed, learned and had a great time. Join us on the podcast!


Bradford Loomis will be coming out with a new album and new musical project in August!

The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Medicinal Compound Do You Believe In Time Travel? Naked Potato
Falling Out With Your Friend’s Girl Follow, Unfollow The Lucky Face
Blue Eyes Waking Lucy Kitchen
Feels So Good Feels So Good EP The Record Company
Come Home Wax Ersatz Wax Ersatz
7 Hours Safety The Undivided
Musical Chairs Van Susans
Heavy Hearts The Lost Weekend Sean Flinn and The Royal We
Hey Mister Stay Home Brave and Alive The Sudden Lovelys
About the Bridge The Sum of All Things EP Hawk
King Sol Easy Pain Young Widows
Interview with Reggie and Beth of Middle of Nowhere Sessions
Needles & Fire Wildlife Old Age
Interview with Cody Beebe, head of Chinook Fest ( chinookfest.com )
Hold The Line Out Here Cody Beebe and the Crooks
Abandon Modern Kin Modern Kin
Interview with Bradford Loomis
End Of This Chain Into The Great Unknown Bradford Loomis

See you next week with The Sudden Lovelys and The Record Company!


~JW and CR