JW Show 237: Main Street Studios and TJWS Live

May 21, 2014 by

This week marks another milestone on TJWS’s path as the broadcast studio at Main Street Studios has been completed in Studio C AND we host another Justin Wayne Show Live featuring Daniel G. Harmann, Kye Alfred Hillig and Pete Jordan (of Cloud Person.) It’s been a big week. We’re speaking to Alisa Gilbert and (very briefly) Rachael Buroker from Main Street Studios to talk about how it all started last year, and find out where this big ship MSS is headed. We’ll play new music from Crash Island, Fredrica Spivey, Cats in Congress, Ships Have Sailed and plenty more.


Correction. I went on about how this was “Episode 236 for almost the whole show. I was wrong. You’re listening to the correct episode, I promise. My bad.

Quick Links:


Harrison’s superexcellent single “Supermodel” is our Free Music Feature this week. Get it!


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Howl (Come On!) Single Crash Island
Again Fredrica Spivey‘s Album Fredrica Spivey
Radioactive Love Bipolar Express Cats In Congress
Three Fingers in Falling Faster Than You Can Run Nathaniel Rateliff
Clouds Someday Ships Have Sailed
Hearts Hearts Single Pariis Opera House
Supermodel Supermodel single Harrison
The Sex Offenders Nights Worth Living – EP Auditorium
I’m The Enforcer Be Brave Auditorium
Lost Weekend Lost Weekend Sean Flinn and The Royal We
This Fall This New Year Big Tree
Undercover Undercover Jason Clarke
Nowhere I’d Rather Be Nowhere I’d Rather Be Melic
We Get Down Two Crown King Two Crown King
Battered & Blue …and this wild heart beats again Kareña K
Words and Wars Kakuzi Kakuzi
It’s Your Birthday! The New Birthday Song Contest The Blank Tapes
World Domination World Domination David Goo Variety Band
Drane World Domination David Goo Variety Band
Minnesota Son Take A Stand Pepper And Shepherd
My Time In The Black Hills Woven Bird
I Saw Her At The Fair Kittow’s Moor Louis Eliot and the Embers


Here’s a photo of the studio all ready for guests, sessions and lunches on the air!


A shot of the broadcast roundtable with room for guests and Abby the dog is showing off the live session space just behind her and to the right. Very excited about this space!


See you next week with a proper debrief from The Justin Wayne Show Live and hopefully a special guest!

~JW and CR