JW Show 235: Kye Alfred Hillig and Trevor Larkin in the Studio

May 7, 2014 by

Trevor Larkin, an old friend dropped by the studio today AND we’ll be speaking to Seattle’s Kye Alfred Hillig about his recent album, Real Snow, the songwriting, and just what it’s been like to be coloring outside the lines and connecting different genre dots.

Trevor Larkin was a regular guest when our show was still in double digits. He put his own music to the side when Allen Stone asked him to start touring with him almost three years ago. He brings some of his insight he’s gained while on tour, where he’s headed with his own stuff and possibly coming back on the show again very soon.


Kye Alfred Hillig’s new album, Real Snow, is available for free!


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Locked Away The Divided Line The Divided Line
Go Gravity The Big Sun The Big Sun
Blood Beat Nana Mouth
In-Studio Interview with Trevor Larkin
Poetry In Poltergiests Cozzi Sessions Trevor Larkin
Just Throw A Bone Mutant Vinyl Mutant Vinyl
Karma Swords Secret Tsunami Secret Tsunami
My Dad’s a Smith’s Fan Emily Capell Emily Capell
Picasso Picasso – Single Young Night
Fear Miccoli Miccoli
Open Up The Sky Holly Morwenna Holly Morwenna
Straitjacket Lukas Drinkwater Lukas Drinkwater
Interview with Kye Alfred Hillig
Ex Real Snow Kye Alfred Hillig
Like God Real Snow Kye Alfred Hillig


See you next week!

~JW and CR