JW Show 226: Brothers, Birthdays and Bananas

Mar 3, 2014 by

Among other things, Claire’s begun eating healthy, and I’m eating snacks for lunch on today’s show. We’ll wish my brothers a happy birthday, talk about upcoming gigs in both London and Walla Walla and play bunches of great independent music from the likes of Wily Bo WalkerJingoMike LieboHungry GirlsYoung Jack and plenty more.


Happy birthday once again to the rhythm section of Lights Out Dancing (my brothers) Kyle (far left) and Ryan (far right) who are much older now than they were in this photo!


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Its Gonna Be Alright Bobbie Morrone Trio Bobbie Morrone Trio
I Want To Know (NY Funk Mix) I Want To Know (NY Funk Mix) Wily Bo Walker
When You Want Me Single Jingo
Nothing Will Be Your Refrain Electricity and Water Part 1 The Goldenhearts
Faulkner West The Trouble Starts
It’s Fine, It’s Fine Westroy Sessions Volume Two Daniel G. Harmann
Leaving Here Flightless Bird Scott Barkan
Lone Wolfe Blues Hungry Girls Hungry Girls
Dont Speak Don’t Speak – Single Young Jack
Alleyway Out Here Cody Beebe and the Crooks
Asked Her to the Dance The Vincent(s) The Vincent(s)
So Long Mike Liebo Mike Liebo
Lights The Rails The Rails
Lie About the Truth Fire on the Lake (recently mastered) Calvin Roche
Don’t Send the Searchlights Gold Motel EP Gold Motel
Killers/Saints The Globes E.P. The Globes
Bricks Not Sticks or Straw Bricks Not Sticks or Straw (single) Van Susans
The Narrator Ever The Optimist Lights Out Dancing
Scumbags Dark City Life Jon Byrne & the Victims
Cigarette Song Dark City Life Jon Byrne & the Victims
Head on Fire Head on Fire The Little Philistines
Love Explodes Single The Little Philistines
Michelle Underdog Blake Noble


See you next week!

~JW and CR

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  1. It’s now nearly the end of the month and eating healthy has far from taken flight.
    I blame Justin’s bad influence. No more snacks on the show for you.