JW Show 222: How Many Apologies Does it Take?

Feb 3, 2014 by

How many apologies does it take until we get our podcasts posted? (Special thanks to Erk for the polite yet firm nudge!) We’ve got another great show for you today with a recap of our 6th Birthday Party from Main Street Studios with Roaming Herds of Buffalo and new music from Thieves In The PalaceThe WeariesTom RosenthalZen Thesis and plenty more. We even dig out a few old live sessions and reminisce about the last six years of doing this show.


The boys of Roaming Herds of Buffalo as they were grilled by me on stage before they performed at the 6th Birthday Party. (Photo credit Scott Butner Photography)


The Playlist

Title Album Artist
Red Letter Days Thieves In The Palace Thieves In The Palace
America Miss Stereo Lust The Wearies
Lost Eyes Nation Under Ghost Sack The City
Repaired Roaming Herds of Buffalo Roaming Herds of Buffalo
Sing Loud Cloud Physics The Galleons
Magnetic Jessica James Jessica James
Take Your Guess (soft) Tom Rosenthal Tom Rosenthal
Forever Chasing That Feeling Don’t Let Life Get You Down / Forever Chasing That Feeling Jon Byrne
Ascend(Lijiang Radio Edit) Zen & The Art Of Bicycle Riding Zen Thesis
Star Is There Love On Mars? The Goldenhearts
Leave Me Leave Me – single Skies
Cold Blues Concrete Class The Lonely H
Sleeping with the Fishes (live) JW Lounge Sessions 6 Oct 2011 David Goo
Lie About the Truth (live) Live After Dinner with Justin Wayne Calvin Roche, Josh Rigal
Ballad of Elenaor and Bill (live) Live After Dinner – The Justin Wayne Show – 4th June 2012 Pepper And Shepherd
Memories of Victory (live) JW Lounge Sessions 10 Oct 2011 Juey
Lion Heart Director’s Notes Emily Wolfe
Glory Bound (Bonus Track) Sugarcoating (Deluxe Version) Martin Sexton
Telepathy Secrets Nobody Keeps Jon Gomm
Nuclear Envelope Nuclear Envelope The Little Philistines


See you next week!

~JW and CR